Vic is back home and on Radio Scotland tonight he has the brilliant FOUND in session. Tune in at 8pm UK time to hear live versions from one of the albums of the year ‘factorycraft’. As always listings of all the week’s Scottish international gigs below and Vic has more on Belle and Sebastian:

Belle and Sebastian in Germany

by Vic Galloway

Glasgow’s most successful indie-popsters are back on the road again, to support the release of new LP ‘Belle & Sebastian Write about Love’. Consistently brilliant song-writers since their debut ‘Tigermilk’ release, 14 years ago, they have been hugely prolific over the years and connected with a massive, global fanbase whilst blanking the media and refusing to cow-tow to major labels.

A truly independent band then, that have not compromised on their art, motives and ethics, who are actually hugely popular and can tour the world when they like. I saw them recently at the Slottsfjell festival in Norway and was blown away at how tight, confident and together they were. Having seen them live 12 or 13 years ago, witnessing a slightly shambolic ensemble, they now pack a punch and have a glorious back catalogue to draw from.

If only I can get get over to Germany, as I’m sure the indie-kids will be lined up around the block in their droves waiting to make them feel very welcome indeed.

Also on tour this week: Mogwai, Average White Band, Trembling Bells and Bronto Skylift.

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Belle & Sebastian – I Want The World To Stop


Belle & Sebastian-Rhinestone Cowboy


Belle & Sebastian – Lazy Line Painter Jane – Live at Barrowlands


Scotland on Tour this week

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Photo Credit: Johan Anemyr