We actually recorded this Toad Session in the Queen Charlotte Rooms in Leith before the Song, by Toad Christmas Party back in December.  Partly this was because it seemed like a fun thing to do, and partly because swapping our traditional and rather overpowering turquoise backdrop for their Christmas lights and tinsel.

Also, we had six different bands playing the Queen Charlotte Rooms that night, as sort of a Song, by Toad Records Christmas celebration, and as Rob had only just agreed to release his debut album on Song, by Toad Records (later this year – probably in the Autumn sometime) it seemed fitting that he headline one of the rooms on the night itself.

In terms of manpower we were woefully, woefully understaffed for this session.  The only person who could help at all was Wee Matthew, and even he couldn’t make it for the start, so I pressed my parents into service.  Well come on, they’ve got be more use than just glue, eh?  So my mum took some pictures and did some filming, I set up the recording and the main camera, and then she passed the video camera on to Matthew when he arrived and the stills camera on to me.

And miraculously, it wasn’t a total disaster.  In fact, the actual recordings, whilst more than a little noisy, in part due to the hum of the fridges behind the bar, are some of my favourite-sounding Toad Session recordings.  As usual, we have all the individual song videos embedded below, or on our Vimeo or YouTube pages, and the photos can be found on Flickr. The main interview podcast can be streamed or downloaded from Song, By Toad, as can the individual session tracks, with the playlist for the podcast at the bottom of the page. As per usual feel absolutely free to share and pass around any of this stuff – that’s what it’s for.

Rob St John Toad Session Highlights


Rob St John – Whites of Our Eyes (Toad Session)


Rob St John – Phantom Limb (Toad Session)


Rob St John – An Empty House (Toad Session)


Rob St John – Muted Flourish (Toad Session)


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