This weeks listings include international dates from Fran Healy, KT Tunstall and Biffy Clyro, while Vic has more on, arguably, Scotland’s biggest band Mogwai who celebrate the release of their new album today with a gig in Dublin tonight. The album is out in the US tomorrow. Details, as always, below:

Mogwai in Ireland
by Vic Galloway

Glasgow’s long-serving sonic-mavericks move into their 15th year as a gigging and recording unit, unleashing their 7th proper studio album in the form of ‘Hardcore will never die, but you will’ (apparently a quote from a Glasgow ned overheard in an off-license, when he was refused alcohol!). Still drawing on their love of noise, shoegaze, distortion and classical minimalism, ‘Hardcore’ is perhaps their most varied long-laying adventure yet, with a definite Krautrock influence from bands such as Neu! and Harmonia as well as more prevalent use of synths and electronic textures.

The songs aren’t always very long either, making this a remarkably ‘pop’ selection of tracks… for Mogwai at least. Have no fear though, the ‘rock’ is still there on various different tracks including FREE online giveaways ‘Rano Pano’ and ‘San Pedro’. In fact, the album is quite up-tempo for the most part.

They are a band best savoured live of course, with a global reputation as one of the loudest and most emotive groups on the circuit. Never shy of touring and delivering their cascading instrumentals to a growing, global fanbase, they are now one of Scotland’s biggest, musical exports. Who would have thought a bunch of cantankerous weegies with a love of indie, punk and noise, making loud rock music without vocals would be so successful? Well, it’s proof you don’t have to play the game to get results! They performed a phenomenal and exclusive session for me recently on BBC Radio Scotland, and I saw them play The Tolbooth in Stirling in an intimate setting, in order to try the new songs out. They were epic as ever! Get along to see them in Dublin, but bring those earplugs!

Stream the new album at Rolling Stone

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