This weeks listings include international dates from Twin Atlantic, Broken Records, Isobel Campbell and  The Vaselines while Vic has more on legends Primal Scream and their Screamadelica Anniversary tour down under.

Primal Scream in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.
by Vic Galloway

It’s amazing and ever-so-slightly scary (for me anyway!) to know that Primal Scream’s classic ‘Screamadelica’ album is 20 years old this year. In honour of this milestone, the band have decided to play the record in full across the world this year.

Seen as the Scream’s masterpiece, it’s a post-rave voyage into dance culture combining indie, dub, acid-house, gospel, rock’n’roll and psychedelia that still sounds as fresh now as when it was released.  It won the very first Mercury Music Prize and went onto accrue accolades across the global music press, gaining an army of fans and influencing plenty of musicians over the next 2 decades. It’s still copied to this day and has spawned a massive amount of imitators. I bought it when it came out and it helped soundtrack my first year out of school.

For many, it’s a crucial record in the collection and right up there with Stone Roses’ debut or Nivana’s ‘Nevermind’. I have a full Primal Scream special happening on BBC Radio Scotland with a full 2 hours dedicated to the band on the 7th March, when you’ll hear a concert set, interviews and more to commemorate this series of ‘Screamadelica’ gigs. In the meantime, if you’re down under… sink a couple of cold ones, stick another snag on the bar-b, and then head along to see them crank out a set of indie-dance classics. Bonzer!

Also on tour this week: The Vaselines, Twin Atlantic, Broken Records, Lloyd Cole, Finley Quaye and Isobel Campbell

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Wattstax – Jesse Jackson –  Come Together


The Wild Angels (1966) – Loaded


Primal Scream – Loaded (Live)


Brazil 1970 – Primal Scream


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