In about 12 weeks one of the biggest music gatherings of the year will happen in my new hometown of Austin, Texas. For anyone who has never experienced it, it’s a bit like the Edinburgh Festival in that it completely envelops the city centre but that instead of comedians, actors, dancers and jugglers there are just thousands of bands. And instead of dragging it out for 4 weeks, the whole thing only lasts 4 days. It’s also usually sunny and there is a lot of free food and booze.

Since 2004, with the involvement of the Scottish Arts Council (now Creative Scotland) there has also been a significant annual invasion of Scottish bands, some of whom have used the festival as a springboard to international success and many of whom have returned to Scotland with hefty credit card bills, margarita enduced hangovers and not much else.

For 2011 there are currently 10 Scottish acts that have announced an intention to attend the festival. The list below will inevitably change over the next few weeks as bands rush to get visas, attempt to secure funding and try to get permission to go from their boyfriends and girlfriends.

Last year I was able to spend a bit of time with every one of the 13 Scottish bands and I made the short montage videos below with a handheld camera. In the past I’ve also helped to organise parties for the Scottish bands but I might just take the time to enjoy the music this year. However, over the next 12 weeks I’ll try and make Tuesdays SXSW day here on Dear Scotland and keep you updated on all the Scottish related SXSW news.

Our good friend and Dear Scotland contributor Vic Galloway has also been commissioned to make a one hour TV documentary for BBC Scotland about this year’s festival so that should be interesting. Matthew from Song, By Toad will also be here and I’m still trying to convince Peenko to come along too.

So here is the current list of Scottish acts who have publicly declared an interest. The only thing I can guarantee you is that this list will change.

Steve Mason (ex Beta Band) [source: SXSW Official List]

Dam Mantle [source: SXSW Official List]

Jon Fratelli (ex Fratellis) [source: SXSW Official List]

Woodenbox with a Fistful of Fivers [source: SXSW Official List]

Veronica Falls [source: SXSW Official List]

Bronto Skylift [source: a tweet in November]

Rachel Sermanni [source: her myspace]

King Creosote [source: Domino Records press release]

Withered Hand [source: Domino Records press release]

Kid Canaveral [source: gig announced in Austin on March 19]

ADDED TO SXSW LIST JANUARY 14, 2011 [source:]

Admiral Fallow

Edwyn Collins


Flood of Red


Twilight Sad

Twin Atlantic

Unicorn Kid

Unkle Bob


Let me know if I’ve missed anyone too.

Also if anyone has any questions about attending, either as a fan or a performer, then just let me know.

More next week.


Video Highlights of Scottish Artists at SXSW Part 1


Video Highlights of Scottish Artists at SXSW Part 2


Photo Credit : Ricko