Biffy Clyro’s gig last night with Muse in Perth, Australia looks to have been the last of the hundreds of Scottish international gigs in 2010 so we asked Vic to tell us his gig of the year. He gave us two from the same band: Frightened Rabbit.

Vic’s Best Gigs of 2010 – Frightened Rabbit at T in the Park & Barrowlands
by Vic Galloway

As ever, this year I’ve been to tonnes of gigs, festivals and showcases across Scotland and occasional sunnier climes across the globe. I could list off a huge amount of inspiring, twinkling or downright gutsy performances, but I’ve gone for quite possibly Scotland’s ‘band of the year’… Frightened Rabbit. They’re certainly our most recent success story, having toured constantly to bigger and bigger audiences, sold more and more records and having just inked a deal with Atlantic Records.

I couldn’t choose between 2 stellar gigs of theirs this year so I’ve plumped for both – T in the Park and Glasgow Barrowlands. At the former, I was lucky enough to stand at the side of the stage in the King Tuts Wah Wah Hut Tent and watch the band strut their stuff. I was also able to witness the audience of around 10,000 adoring fans sing every word of every song. Incredible! Speaking to the band directly afterwards, they confessed it was the single best gig of their lives.

Although they played 2 shows at the Barras, I saw their second on a Monday night against all odds… there was 2 feet of snow and freezing fog after all! I’d heard the first was a more rowdy affair with a typically enthusiastic, Friday-night, Glasgow crowd; but it was the sheer epic nature of the night I was at that blew me away. I’ve never heard the band sound better and, maybe because of the outside weather conditions, the band really seemed to rise to the occasion and play a total blinder. They played songs from all 3 albums and showed us all in attendance that they are now a potential stadium-filling prospect for the oncoming years. Not only that, but their raw, gritty energy and soul was still intact.

Frightened Rabbit… I tip my hat to you. Without a doubt, gig(s) of the year hands down.

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Frightened Rabbit – Swim Until You Can’t See Land (Live at T in the Park)


Photo Credit: Grave Maurice