We prepared this article a few days ago but news has now reached us that Idlewild’s long awaited return to the US has been cancelled as Rod Jones has broken his collarbone. However, I thought we should still give a nod to one of Scotland’s best bands and hope they’ll be back in America soon.

Idlewild in America (tour now cancelled)
by Vic Galloway

Although still a hard-working, prolific and popular band back in the UK, Idlewild rarely cross the pond to play in the good old US of A. Considering their sound has been heavily influenced by American music throughout their career – Sub-Pop and grunge to start with, REM and US indie in the early/mid 2000’s and Bruce Springsteen today – it’s a shame not to see them play more often in their spiritual home. That said, as more folk and celtic influences creep into their sound, Scotland sounds and feels very much like their homeland.

New LP ‘Post Electric Blues’ is another superb set of songs with massively catchy hooks, great guitar riffs and inventive arrangements. It shows the band are still pushing forward creatively, and are now masters of their art in the studio. On top of this, their loyal fanbase helped pay for the recording. An increasingly common trait in the new global DIY aesthetic.

I bumped into guitarist Rod Jones recently (in the supermarket in Leith – rock’n’roll!!) and his arm was in a sling, having suffered a collar-bone injury. He was hopeful, but in doubt, about the forthcoming US dates. Fingers crossed he said! Well, if they do indeed make it you can catch them on the West then East coasts. Head along, show your support and make them very welcome. Who knows? They may even make the trip a little more often!

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