With apologies to Harper’s Index, this week Billy runs the numbers over Scotland´s upcoming fixture against the Faroes, Tony Mowbray at Middlesborough, Fife teams in Division One and much much more:

FIFA ranking of Scotland before Craig Levein took over: 46 ;
FIFA ranking of Scotland now: 57

FIFA ranking of Faroe Islands: 133
Below: Ethiopia, Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda, Puerto Rico
FIFA ranking of Liechtenstein: 159

Previous result of Scotland v Faroe Islands at Pittodrie: 2-1 for Scotland
Attendance: 18,517
Capacity of Pittodrie today: 22,199

Scotland’s all-time record in international matches at Pittodrie: P12 W8 D2 L2 F25 A15
Number of times Scotland have failed to score: 0
Record attendance for an international match at Pittodrie: 36,500 vs Belgium, November 1971

First time Dundee FC were saved from liquidation: 1898
Pounds needed before Christmas to keep Dundee FC alive: 500,000

Number of Fife teams in the top 2 in Division One: 2
Number of teams in the top 3 of Division 2 who are nearer England than Glasgow: 3

Number of former Highland League teams in the 4 national divisions of the SPL/SFL: 4
Percentage who have reached the SPL: 25
Percentage who have never left Division 3: 25

Number of Celtic players released by Tony Mowbray at Celtic: 11
Who are now at Middlesborough: 4

Number of teams Scotland have a 100% record against: 10
With the initial C: 4

Number of teams Scotland have played but never beaten or drawn with: 7
Who are UEFA members: 1

Last time Rangers won first 9 league games in a row: 1921/22
Champions that year: Celtic

Last time Celtic had a penalty scored against them at Parkhead: 29 April 2007

Distance from Ross County FC to Stranraer FC: 192 miles

Number of seasons top-division Scottish football attendance has averaged over 20,000: 1 (1948-49)
Season with lowest average attendance: 1973-74

Number of European campaigns undertaken by Rangers: 51
Which have ended in rioting after the final: 2
Number of teams in Europe who have played in more campaigns: 4
Number of teams in Britain who have played in more campaigns: 0

First year of publication of The Evening Times’ Wee Red Book: 1928
1927-28 Scottish Champions and Runners-Up: Rangers, Celtic
Scotland v England score: 5-1

First year of publication of Mao’s Little Red Book: 1964
1963-64 Scottish Champions and Runners-Up: Rangers, Kilmarnock
Scotland v England score: 1-0

First visit of Czechoslovakia to Hampden: 1937
Score: 5-0 to Scotland

Head-to-head record vs Czechoslovakia: P10 W5 D1 L4
Head-to-head record vs Czech Republic: P4 W1 D0 L3
Head-to-head record vs Slovakia: P0 W0 D0 L0

Craig Levein’s year of birth: 1964

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