Once again, Scottish football fans in the US will be unable to watch an important international match on any American TV channel. I’ve written to the SFA several times, without reply, offering to broadcast games here on Dear Scotland, but fortunately you can now watch the game for free with Expat Surfer.

The Scotland v Czech Republic game will be streaming live on the BBC Sport website at 215pm (US Eastern Time). The game is only going to be available to viewers in the UK. But if you connect using Expat Surfer, you won’t need to search out dodgy internet sites to see the match.

With the Expat Surfer, there is no software to download, you just need to follow the instructions to redirect your computer to connect to stand-alone servers in the UK so your computer will be using a UK IP address. This allows you to freely access online TV sites, from anywhere in the World, as if you were in the UK.

The service costs about US$10 a month but you can try it out for free first. It takes about 15 minutes tops to set up.

Try before you buy with our 3 day free trial.

This free trial will give you unrestricted access to Expat Surfer and all the UK online TV sites like Channel 4 On Demand, BBC iplayer and Sky Player for 72 hours.

To take advantage of the free trial, you should enter this promotion code on the payment page:


Click this free trial link to signup now.

This will give you 3 free days access to Expat Surfer.

You will still need to enter your credit card details, but you will not be billed for 72 hours. This will give you a chance to try it out before paying. So you can watch the game and cancel it it immediately. Or keep it and Watch Have I Got News For You, Peep Show, Sportscene, Match of the Day…. And if you know someone with a Sky subscription they can authorize up to 4 computers to connect and watch live Sky Sports, Sky One and more.

If you wish to cancel without paying, just do so within 72 hours of signing up (from your account on the Expat Surfer website), otherwise you will be charged.

For more info visit www.expatsurfer.co.uk

Scotland v Czech Republic, March 2010


Photo Credit: Graham Pirie