Apart from maybe Irn-Bru, the one thing that expats miss the most is the telly and the radio. But we have the solution. Dear Scotland has partnered with Expat Surfer to allow you to freely access online TV sites in the UK. Does it work? Use our promotional code for a free 3 day trial.

Start watching great telly, now!

Many UK TV broadcasters offer live TV online, or on demand, so you can watch all your favourite shows at a time that suits you.

If you are like me, you’ve probably tried to access BBC’s iPlayer, Channel 4 On Demand or Sky Player only to be met with a “Not Available In Your Area” message.

In order to tell where you are in the world, these websites monitor your “ip” address. An ip address is a unique code, that every computer has, which tells other computers where you are located.

With the Expat Surfer, your computer connects to stand-alone servers in the UK before visiting these websites, so your computer is using a UK ip address. This allows you to freely access online TV sites, from anywhere in the World, as if you were in the UK.

The service costs about US$10 a month but we’d encourage you to try it out for free first:

Try before you buy with our 3 day free trial.

If you’d like to see for yourself how good Expat Surfer is without commitment, Dear Scotland is offering our readers a free trial.

Your free trial will give you unrestricted access to Expat Surfer and all the UK online TV sites, so you can check to see if it’s for you.

To take advantage of the free trial, you should enter this promotion code on the payment page:


Click this free trial link to signup now.

This will give you 3 free days access to Expat Surfer, (so if you time it right you might be able to watch a footy game live or your favourite show in HD completely free).

You will still need to enter your credit card details, but you will not be billed for 72 hours. This will give you a chance to try the service before paying.

If you wish to cancel without paying, just do so within 72 hours of signing up (from your account on the Expat Surfer website), otherwise you will be charged.

Please also note that the free trial is not available if paying by paypal.

For more info visit www.expatsurfer.co.uk

By the way, yes it works, and we are working on the Irn-Bru problem too.

Dear Scotland Promotion in association with Expat Surfer