Isobel Campbell continues her European tour this week with shows scheduled in Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands. Excerpts from Vic’s recent interview with Isobel are below. And in related news, we will have exciting news for US fans of Belle and Sebastian on Dear Scotland tomorrow. 

Isobel Campbell in Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands
by Vic Galloway

Vic is on holiday this week but just before he went away, Isobel Campbell joined him on his Radio Scotland show where they talked about Isobel’s plans to move to LA and their shared experience at SXSW a few years ago:

Vic: Do you call Glasgow home at the moment or do you have a house in America?

Isobel Campbell: I’m a bit of gypsy but I think I’m going over there.

Vic:  Yeah to settle?

Isobel Campbell: Yeah because I’m really tired being a gypsy, it’s tiring dragging suitcases around the world.

Vic: Do you end up coming and staying with your Mum or whatever?

Isobel Campbell: No I was just being Ms Scattercash having an empty flat, but I cant do that any more so I’ll be renting that out and going across there.

Vic: Which part of America do you like?

Isobel Campbell: Well I spent most of my time in Tucson, Arizona and I thought I was going to move there but my best friend from there has just moved to Los Angeles and, I hate to say it, but its not as bad as what I thought it was!

Vic: So you’re going to live the dream in LA?

Isobel Campbell: Well I’ve got a friend who lives in Joshua Tree nearby and so I hope I can just go and live with her a lot and live in a rabbit hutch in LA. I can always come back, I can come home, so I probably will.

Vic: Indeed,  kick out those flatmates and get back into Glasgow again.

Vic: Well I remember seeing you in Texas one year at SXSW.

Isobel Campbell: Oh no! Oh no! In the Dirty Dog?

Vic: Yes that’s right. The Scottish Showcase this year at SXSW was almost at the Dirty Dog but we chose a different venue instead but you had Eugene Kelly singing Mark (Lanegan’s) bits on that tour.

Isobel Campbell: Yes Mark was out of the game, he was getting well in rehab so Eugene kind-of stepped up and helped us out.

Vic : Well I thought it was fantastic even there. I remember speaking to you afterwards and you were a little bit like “Oh let’s get out of here” but…

Isobel Campbell: Well I think we were doing the whole show through a karaoke PA, it wasnt  a proper PA system.

Vic: Well it sounded fine to me!

Full interview here

Also on tour this week: The Average White Band, Biffy Clyro and Mungo’s Hi-Fi.

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