‘They Shoot Music Don’t They’ regularly film the world’s best new bands on the streets of their hometown Vienna. Recently they visited Scotland to capture some of our finest musicians in unusual places. With their permission, we can now share these brilliant films with you. This week, Jesus H. Foxx in an Edinburgh Living Room:

They Shoot Music Don’t They Goes to Scotland

#2 – Jesus H. Foxx

Just a stone’s throw away from Dan aka Withered Hand’s place lives Jesus H. Foxx’s singer Michael with his girlfriend. When we come over to their flat from Withered Hand, we first get seated in the kitchen for some more black tea till the other six band members Neil D., Neil I. Rich, Richie, Steve and Tallah arrive in dribs and drabs.

They gather in the living room for improvising on some songs before they decide to perform “Return A Body” and “This Is Not A Rental Car” in a many-voiced way for us. They start off smooth and get more buoyant the later it gets. Neither bass nor drum would attract the attention of the cat that is drowsing beside the performers. Only the fact that someone among them is burping makes the kitty prick up its ears. But then the familiar vocals and rhythm get it doze off again.

For reasons of warmth, cosiness and cheerfulness the jam session fills up the rest of the evening before we set out for the cold.

Jesus H. Foxx – Return A Body


Jesus H. Foxx – This Is Not A Rental Car


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Republished with express permission of They Shoot Music Dont They

Thanks to Matthew too for his help in putting this together.