Homegame this year was a distinctly danceable affair for me.  Not that I did dance (I wasn’t that drunk) but the bands I enjoyed the most were the ones like Findo Gask and Django Django who are most definitely very friendly to those of the dancing persuasion.  I had to miss Silver fucking Columns though, because it clashed with the Cold Seeds gig which, being a record released on our label, I really had to attend.

Homegame was in fact the first ever Silver Columns gig, and Johnny and Adem were nice enough to sit down with us on the morning of the show, give us a cup of tea* and chat a bit about their new project.  Listening to the live footage, I think this is going to be a cracking album.  I know I’m much more into my whiney folk at the moment, but stuff like this serves to remind me that my Mum raised us with Erasure, ABC, Bronski Beat, Duran Duran and Depeche Mode, so it’s not like infectious dancefloor electro-pop is a massive stranger to my ears.

Many thanks are due to Dylan for filming both the interview and the gig.  The title shots for each video are taken from his photos from the gig, the full set of which can be found over at Blueback Hotrod.

Silver Columns – Interview & Live Performance from Homegame 2010 from Song, by Toad on Vimeo.

Silver Columns – Browbeaten (Live at Homegame 2010) from Song, by Toad on Vimeo.

Silver Columns – Cavalier (Live at Homegame 2010) from Song, by Toad on Vimeo.

*Alright, it was Lapsang Souching with milk, but I appreciate the thought

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Photo Credit: Blueback Hotrod