This week in SEAN, David Tennant’s Einstein film gets a premiere date on HBO, Ewan McGregor considers how his life would be as Philip Seymour Hoffman’s boyfriend and Kevin McKidd demonstrates incredible patience when fielding inane questions about Scotland on ‘Chelsea Lately’.

David Tennant’s ‘Einstein and Eddington’ to (finally) air on HBO

Einstein and Eddington will premiere on HBO on March 23, 2010 at 9pm EDT in the US. There will be repeat airings after its premiere. The film is “a look at the evolution of Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, and Einstein’s relationship with British scientist Sir Arthur Eddington, the first physicist to understand his ideas.”


Gerard Butler in W Magazine & Men’s Journal, new ‘Bounty Hunter’ clips

Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston are on the April 2010 cover of W Magazine. As a preview the magazine has a behind the scenes look at the shoot by photographer Steven Klein.

Gerard is also on the cover of Men’s Journal’s April issue. You can head on over to Fresh 102.7’s website for a glimpse of the cover.

There are tons of new clips from The Bounty Hunter which you can watch over at Trailer Addict. Another new clip is up on The Bounty Hunter’s Facebook page (via

Sony Pictures also has clips on its Bounty Hunter playlist on youtube.

If you’re in the US be sure to see if any advanced screenings of The Bounty Hunter are showing in your city.

James McAvoy in German GQ

James is featured in the March 2010 issue of GQ Germany and some outtakes from his photoshoot are below. There are even more photos at photographer Roger Moenks’ website – just click on Celebrity and Fashion 1 for the rest.

New interview with Ewan McGregor, ‘Knockout’ shooting in New Mexico

Ewan did an interview with The Scotsman to promote I Love You Phillip Morris which opens in the UK this Wednesday. It was first published on Saturday, March 13 and and you can read an excerpt below and go to The Scotsman for the full interview.

“I’d like to be Philip Seymour Hoffman’s boyfriend. I think we’d make a good couple.”

If the rule in Hollywood is that the closet doors must stay resolutely closed, then Ewan McGregor has just thrown them open to the soundtrack of I Am What I Am with a rustle of pink taffeta and a whiff of Dolce & Gabbana. He’s not coming out, though. Of course he’s not. McGregor’s not gay; he’s been married – to French production designer Eve Mavrakis – for nearly 15 years and they have three daughters (Clara, 14, Esther, eight, and Jamiyan, seven, who the couple adopted from Mongolia). But that’s not what we’re interested in here. Today, it’s all about the boys. And, as it happens, if McGregor had to choose a “bf”, Mr Hoffman would be the lucky fella.

“We’d look good, we’d look slightly odd and we’d go to interesting parties and people would be interested in us,” says McGregor, clearly warming to his theme. “I don’t know him, but I’d like to be his boyfriend.”

If the subject matter seems a little unusual, the reason is McGregor’s new film, I Love You Phillip Morris. A funny, tragic, quirky movie, written and directed by Bad Santa creators Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, ILYPM is an astonishing, absurdist, gay romance. [Claire Black]

Shooting on Knockout is expected to go on through Thursday in Los Alamos, New Mexico. There is no word on whether Ewan McGregor will be in New Mexico for the shoot, but here’s the filming schedule:

Monday through Tuesday

Location – Based camp at West Road between the Ice rink and Camp May Road. Filming at State Road 4 near American Springs Road/Dome Road. West Road open to traffic. Intermittent traffic control at SR 4.

Wednesday through Thursday

Location – Empty lot in Ponderosa Estates. Base camp at the Golf Course parking lot. Intermittent traffic control in the vicinity of Aspen Drive near Parker Construction in Ponderosa Estates.

Gerard Butler to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Gerard is scheduled to be a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday, March 23 on NBC.

This is in addition to his scheduled appearances with David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, and Regis & Kelly.

Glasgow test screening of Ewan McGregor’s ‘The Last Word’, new ‘Ghost Writer’ interview

The Last Word starring Ewan McGregor will have a special test screening on Saturday March 13 20th in Glasgow, Scotland.

Sigma Films are holding a very special screening and are looking for some very lucky folk to come and WATCH IT FOR FREE this Saturday, 13th March. In order to take part, click here at this link, and note at the end you will be asked to fill out a very short questionaire about the film. Tickets are First Come, First Served so be sure to act fast! Feel free to bring a friend, TWEET THE NEWS, Post it on Facebook, Bebo wherever you want, but remember you must register here quickly. [Sweet on Sigma Films]

Update: The screening has been postponed by a week to Saturday, March 20.

Brian Cox joins Gerard Butler in ‘Coriolanus’

Scottish actor Brian Cox and Vanessa Redgrave have been cast in Coriolanus. They both also starred in The Day of the Triffids in December. The film is an update of the Shakespearean historical tragedy. Shooting is set to begin next week in Belgrade, Serbia.

…[Ralph] Fiennes plays revered Roman general Coriolanus who is at odds with the city of Rome and his fellow citizens.

Pushed by his controlling mother (Redgrave) to enter the Senate, he is loath to ingratiate himself with the masses whose votes he needs to secure a Senate seat. When the public refuses to support him, Coriolanus’ anger prompts a riot, which culminates in his expulsion from Rome. The banished hero then allies with his sworn enemy (Butler) to take his revenge on the city.

Billed as mixing the classical and the contemporary, the movie aims to retain Shakespeare’s language, but combining it with modern technology and a contemporary environment. [THR]

Kevin McKidd on Chelsea Lately

Kevin McKidd’s appearance from last week (March 8, 2010) is below. It’s missing the last 30 seconds or so of the interview, but Kevin does reveal that he’s never met Craig Ferguson. Here’s hoping he makes an appearance on the Late Late Show someday.

Weekly schedule for Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Mo 3/15: Adam Goldberg, Abbie Cornish (R 1/21/10)
Tu 3/16: Pierce Brosnan, Patty Griffin (R 2/8/10)
We 3/17: Michael Sheen, Amy Ryan (R 3/3/10)
Th 3/18: 50 Cent, Adrianne Palicki (R 1/26/10)
Fr 3/19: Gabourey Sidibe, OK Go, Jeff Stilson (R 2/10/10)

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