Well well well, this is extremely good indeed.  King Post Kitsch is an exiled Weegie currently residing in London, and was recommended to me by Lloyd from Peenko. I’ve been a little slow on that count, I suppose, because everyone and their blogger seems to have been chattering about this EP for a while now actually, but er… well, you know how it goes around these parts.

It’s hard to really describe this music for some reason, even though what you hear isn’t exactly going to confuse or shock you.  There only seem to be three songs to be found anywhere, all from an EP which is free to download from their Bandcamp page, and whilst they all hold together as a group, they really are all quite different as well.

Alaska starts out as a rolling ramble, pinned down with brief interruptions of guitar, and slapped around by a scuzzy synth headache which could as easily be My Bloody Valentine as it could Grizzly Bear.  Move on and Modern Times is stumbling, stop-start drunkard, all thumped piano keys and discordant guitar.  Then, after all this, Fante’s Last Stand is peculiar falsetto dream, with its plucked refrain and splashes of (presumably digital) glockenspiel bordering on both the twee and the macabre.

It’s short, and there’s not much to go on here, but this is a really fucking excellent little EP and I am really looking forward to where this may go – very, very promising.

King Post Kitsch – Alaska mp3

Bandcamp | Website

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King Post Kitsch – Fante’s Last Stand

Fante’s Last Stand from King Post Kitsch on Vimeo.