It might seem a bit of an odd choice for me to be choosing Thirty Pounds of Bone, aka multi-instrumentalist, Johny Lamb, as one of my tips for 2011. For one, his latest album, ‘Method’ came out last year, plus he doesn’t sound particularly Scottish, but ever since Al from Armellodie sent his album over to me a few months back it’s slowly worked it’s magic on me. It’s the kind of album that will undoubtedly grow in popularity as word of mouth spreads. I think that’s enough of my ramblings for one post, as I don’t think anything I say will really do this justice. So here’s Johny to tell you a bit more about himself and his music….

Would you care to introduce yourself?

My name is Johny. My real name is Thirty Pounds of Bone.

What inspires the music you make?

Places, situations and people. I like to give things that can’t speak voices, like the island that sings on ‘Island’s ode to the itinerant’. But of course, they are all thinly disguised love songs…

What artists do you feel that you have an affinity with?

I’d like to say Harry Parch but that makes me pretty cocky, him being a genius and all. But what I mean is that I’ve always written quite intuitionally (whatever that means), but as I get older, I feel like there should be, or is, some sense of musical purpose. Like I am actually trying to do something.

For people out there that have never heard of you, why they should they check you out?

Because I write songs properly.

You’ve just released your new album, ‘Method’, through Armellodie Records, how did you end up signing with them?

After I did an EP of sea shanties for Woodland Recordings, Armellodie got in touch. I said no of course, but they sent me a number of beautiful gifts. When I received a particularly good bottle of port, I caved in and gave them an album.

What do you enjoy more, playing live or being in the studio?

I love touring. I don’t like real studios, but I’m very much at home with all my stuff. I have a nice old ½ inch reel to reel tape 8 track now I have a lap top too, and a bunch of instruments. I suppose I’m happiest when left alone with my toys and no people. Does that sound misanthropic?

Are there any new up and coming artists that you would recommend I check out?

Bygrayvpartyynmyryghtarm I love them. I think they might change their name though…

What can we expect to see and hear from you in 2011?

Some UK gigs, I think I’ll try to make an EP. Some kind of little release on woodland recordings too. And a couple of collaborations in the pipeline. Oh, and the King James (a collaboration between me and the diamond family archive) album is out in January.

30 Pounds of Bone’s latest album, ‘Method’ is available to now through Armellodie Records. You can catch him playing live at Bloc in Glasgow alongside the Scottish Enlightenment and Ranolph’s Leap on Friday the 18th of February as part of the series of Barmellodie gigs. The following night he is through in Edinburgh playing at a Song, By Toad night at the Wee Red Bar alongside Rob St. John.

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