After shaking the music industry to its very foundations by announcing the release of his debut album on Song, by Toad Records (cough cough), Charlie from King Post Kitsch has decided that waiting around and giving himself a pat on the back is not for him: he has decided to release a free EP called Some Call it Hell, but it’s Home (download here).

These are all acoustic demos he recorded to help himself get a feel for the songs and figure out how to record them properly. As can happen, however, the improved versions apparently never really felt all that improved, and so he decided to quit foostering about with them and just leave them be, with the result being this EP.

The tracks are lovely, with the title track reminding me of some of the woozier stuff on the first EPs he released, and the closer Rebecca more of a kind with the upbeat, catchy pop tunes we’ve heard from Charlie in the past.  As he’s on the label I won’t say too much more, as you know I am biased in this instance, but please take the chance to pop over to his Bandcamp page and help yourself.

King Post Kitsch – Rebecca

Fante’s Last Stand


Fante’s Last Stand from King Post Kitsch on Vimeo.

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