This is something I think has real promise, without necessarily saying that I personally think it is quite there yet.

North American War are working with Glasgow’s excellent Winning Sperm Party, and have released this EP as a free download, as WSP release all their things.

Me & My G.I. Joes is all drifting atmospherics and atonal guitars, seemingly inspired by a lot of US indie music from the nineties, broken up from time to time with bursts of spasmodic, frantic drumming and disorientated fuzz.  There’s a disinterest to the vocals and, to a degree, to the playing as well, which gives the impression of a band kind of making it up as they go along.  I assume this is not the case, but it does come across that way in a sense.

When I say that I think this is not quite there, I am being quite specific, for a change.  Whilst I enjoy the first couple of tracks, there is a slight thinness to them, and when the much beefier Jelly Witch comes in I find myself slightly wishing there was just a bit more depth and power to the production all round.  Get this kind of music vibrating the base of your spine, and I think you’d have something on your hands which could really blow people’s tits off, but one or two of the tracks don’t quite have the visceral impact that I reckon they could do with.

It meanders really nicely, and the bursts of noise make it a bit like watching someone stagger towards you on the way home at night – you’re never quite sure if they’re a jolly drunk or an aggressive one, and something in their gait makes you change your mind every minute or so.

I do get the impression this stuff could be ear-punishingly awesome live, however, and don’t let my quibbles detract from the fact that I really am enjoying this EP.

MySpace | Download for free from Winning Sperm Party


  1. I do enjoy this EP a bit more than you seem to, but you’re totally on the money sonny; they’re a lot better live than on record.

  2. Two of the tracks, Selegna Sol and I’m Talkin, were recorded seperately from the other three and not mastered because of idiotic oversight on our part. This is being remedied as we speak. Hopefully the updated tracks will be available by the end of the week.