…Jim Kerr of Simple Minds, according to the readers of Dear Scotland. Almost three and a half thousand votes were cast and in the end Jim Kerr edged out the sensational Alex Harvey for the title. Jim joins former bandmate Derek Forbes, Stuart Adamson and Franz Ferdinand’s Paul Thomson in Dear Scotland’s Greatest Ever Supergroup:

Thank you to everyone who has voted and commented on all of our polls over the past few months. We are in the process of putting something special together to commemorate our four ‘Greatest Ever’ band members. In the meantime, we hope you will continue to be inspired by Dear Scotland. As ever the comments will remain open and unedited.

In our imaginary universe, Alex Harvey would now front the ‘Silver Medals‘ along with Dougie Payne from Travis on bass, James Hamilton from Errors on drums and Stuart Braithwaite from Mogwai on guitar. Not a bad opening act for Jim, Derek, Stuart and Paul.

Congratulations to Jim.

Simple Minds, New York 1979, Premonition & Factory

Jim Kerr and Bono, Belgium 1983

Simple Minds, Netherlands 1983, Someone Somewhere In Summertime

Simple Minds, Brazil 1988, Sanctify Yourself

Simple Minds, Isle of Wight 2009, Alive and Kicking

Photo Credit: Phillipe Carly, New Wave Photos


  1. Some major Belgian voting was going on as well.. congrats Jim, a well-deserved triumph!

  2. ok…i’ll hold my hands up and admit to being a Simple Minds diehard since i started listening to music (still have whole collections i reaquaint myself with on regular occasions) but as a Front-Person? come on! let’s face it, he is a bit wishy-washy. we had the opportunity to invent an (albeit, virtual) Scottish Supergroup and we chose Kerr to front it? i would have rather seen Alex H or Annie L to give it some kudos (my obvious bias was towards Liz F) and we’ve just paired Kerr with Forbes again….not ideal. i know it’s just for a laugh but i feel we’ve just pissed (or let ourselves be pissed all over) a semi-good idea. really, is JK the best this country has to offer – i think not.

  3. what a fix. but on the subject, can we vote debbie ‘kerr’ best Internet cookies deleter!

  4. Wan Clan – I know what you mean. I voted for Liz Fraser too but would have been happier seeing Alex Harvey or Annie Lennox, or even Rod front this dream band which had so far been pretty solid.

    It does seem like there was some block voting going on, although I’m not sure that works exactly. Could’ve been worse. At least it’s not bloody Lulu!

  5. JK and SM have a significant number of ‘active’ fans on ‘SoSimpleminded’ and JKs Facebook page. Nevertheless a win is a win. Like them or loath them SM have sold more records than most Scottish bands of the last 30 years put together.The fact that AH has been dead for 28 years and scored so high is a testament to his ability as a singer and the memory of his fans.

  6. it was held over the Xmas/New Year Hols when most Scots are too busy having fun with real people. Maybe the Belgians and French don’t have as much to do as us. i demand a recount! even Rod (the English Mod) would have been better!

    my point is that Scots were absent during this count and the the list is pretty slim to start with. ah know it’s just a laugh but, it’s a mine worth diggin’. we disregarded so many worthy Fronts-Folk it’s criminal and presented JK as our version of SuperScotland…Bollocks!
    Like Stuart said, the band was pretty solid up until that point – we pissed it up a wa’!

    Oiche mhath, y’all

  7. How the heck does Jim Kerr beat out Alex Harvey?
    The only reason I can think of is that most voters are too young to remember Alex, or else some people voted for Jim many, many, many times…. eh?

  8. i’m shocked and appalled that liz frazer only got 1%… can’t actually believe it. she’s probably my favourite vocalist ever.

  9. Yeah there maybe better singers than Jim Kerr,but we all have a different definition of what a singer means to us .Jim is a credible winner of this meaningless trophy.As Alex Harvey would if he had won.However Simple Minds”love them or loathe them”have stood the test of time!!Jim has been the main protagonist in this.His dreaming and scheming have brought us the perfect pop album of the eighties in New Gold Dream! On that basis alone he got my vote!!Jim And Derek in the same band again!! Who would believe it!!!!!

  10. Cannot believe he won! Block voting by his adoring fans. No way is he an even half decent singer. Billy McKenzie on the other hand…

  11. Cannot believe he won! Block voting by his adoring facebook lackeys. No way is he an even half decent singer. Billy McKenzie on the other hand…

  12. Where the hell is Dan Macafferty in this vote,has none of these ki.ds that voted heard of Nazereth.Along with S.A.H.B the two greatest Scottish bands ever

  13. Wan Clan Dan. Take your head out your arse!!!!! Liz Fraser,Billy Mckenzie,Alex Harvey,Annie Lennox,Scottish people on holiday,etc etc!!!!!

    Geez piece and stop whingein!!!!!!

    Jim Kerr continue’s on with a new solo album Lostboy A.K.A and a new Simple Minds album on the horizion.

    Wan Clan Dan= One clown down…….Tosser

  14. if you are seriously looking forward to a JK solo effort AND yet another turgid attempt from the Minds, then there can be only one tosser 😛

  15. i agree with Wan Clan Dan and the previous ‘Anonymous’ – if someone is really wetting themselves over Jim Kerr’s solo stuff and actually looking forward to more drivel from a bunch of dried-up middle-agers then they really have no grasp or concept of what constitutes decent Scottish music, or what musical geniuses this country can produce.

    and as for hiding behind the ‘Anonymous’ tag – that just says ‘Shite-Bag’ to me

  16. To be fair to Mr Anon , i don’t think i’d show ma coupon if i was buying a JK album !! Eek!!

  17. Billy MacKenzie by a MILE. Anyone who says otherwise is obviously corn beef !

  18. I’m from south of the border and a massive fan of the Associates, and have to agree with those supporting Billy McKenzie. Greatest singer of all time in the world, not just Scotland.

  19. I’m also from south of the border, and Billy McKenzie for me is the best singer ever, not just from Scotland but anywhere on the planet. Had The Associates been as big as Simple Minds the outcome of the poll might have been different.