Once again, a huge thanks to everyone who suggested names for Scotland’s Greatest Ever Drummer through Facebook, Twitter and the comments section. The final five as selected by our contributors, and influenced by our readers, are Iain Bayne, James Hamilton, Ben Johnston, Ted Mckenna and Paul Thomson. The poll closes on Tuesday at midnight.

Sincere thanks also to our special guest contributors including Paul Carlin of Dananananaykroyd, John Disco of Bis, Craig Neale of Twin Atlantic, Jim Gellatly of Radio Scotland and Radio Magnetic, and Manda Rin. Sincere apologies to some of them and many of our readers if your favourite is missing from the final five. But getting it down to five was not an easy task.

Nevertheless, we hope you will cast your vote for Scotland’s Greatest Ever Drummer and help to decide who will join guitarist Stuart Adamson in Dear Scotland’s “greatest ever” supergroup. Next week, Alec will ask who is Scotland’s greatest ever bass player?

This poll will run for only one week, but as always, the comments section on these articles will remain open and unedited forever.

In alphabetical order, the Dear Scotland top five are:

Iain Bayne (Runrig)

“Whether it be behind the kit thumping out the thudding beat of a rocked-up Gaelic waulking song like “An Toll Dubh”, or leading the band at the front of stage with a fast-as-lightening solo snare-riff. Bayne has left me mesmorised everytime I’ve seen him over the years.” [James in comments]

James Hamilton (Errors)

“James Hamilton from Errors is an AMAZING drummer. Errors, Dananananackroyd and not forgetting the mighty Multiplies. How you can mention half of these charlatans in the same breath as him is beyond me!” [Anonymous in comments]

Ben Johnston (Biffy Clyro)

I’ve got a lot of time for drummers who can be a total powerhouse but also technically gifted. Your band is only as good as your drummer and Biffy Clyro basically have a stick of dynamite behind the kit! [Paul Carlin]


Ted Mckenna (The Sensational Alex Harvey Band)

“His mix of power/touch/Rock and Roll and of course his big baw face make him hands down Best Scottish Drummer!!!” [Anonymous comment]


Paul Thomson (Franz Ferdinand)

“‘Take Me Out’ came on and every man, woman and transvestite lifted their Calvin Klein covered asses from the plush sofas and boogied their NYC booties to that Glasgow indie beat.” [Alec Downie]

Next week: Who is Scotland’s greatest ever bassist?

Photo Credit : Scottish Drumkit at Stephen Abernathy


  1. The vote is for all time not the last few years! Ted Mckenna is the daddy, he’s been and done it all from SAHB to Rory Gallagher, Michael Shenker. One of the worlds greatest drummers! Mon big Ted!

  2. Paul Thomson?? Do me a favour. ROBIN JONES ex of the Beta Band and now The Aliens is one of the best drummers I’ve ever seen, never mind just Scottish drummers.

  3. who the tits wrote this? it’s clearly robin jones. morons. keith moon reincarnated. but better. and less ugly.

  4. James Hamilton gives even Ted McKenna an utter bleaching when i’ve seen him (seen them both). And that’s a load of times. best drummer on the planet and not a nob about it either. the others barely make this list.

  5. I have played with James Hamilton in 2 bands and the guy is sensational. He leaves your runrig guy dead in the water. as for Robin Jones, great drummer but not even in Hamilton’s league.

  6. “Is there an official vote? Where is it?”
    Have you tried looking at the big blue thing at the top of the page, or on the front of the website?

  7. “Is there an official vote? Where is it?”
    Have you tried looking at the big blue thing at the top of the page, or on the front of the website?

    Get it up ye. My IE was fucked.

    Found it now.

  8. what about johnny from take a worm jeeso! and id put peter galchen in there too.im voting for hamilton though.

  9. sorry peeps, but the only way i’d go for Thomson over Hamilton is in a square go. (and even then that’s assuming James had been up all night again). as drummers, there’s no contest. Hamilton all the way.

  10. Sorry but it does have to be Iain Bayne. He is more than just a drummer with a band…..even if you don’t like Runrig, you have to give him major credit for his amazing skills on the snare drum. The 4 drummers, led by Iain, is one of the highlights of any Runrig concert. He is truly amazing and should have way more votes than he already does.

  11. The drums in outsiders and lucid dreams alone put Paul T. on top. This blog did him an injustice by posting a vid of take me out.

  12. Come on guys! It’s obvious that James Hamilton should win. He was wiping the floor with the others until Franz did a mailshot. Doesn’t that tell you all something? They know James is better and decided to use their bands’ name to win it instead of their drummers “talent”.
    James Hamilton is the best!

  13. Is this the same person repeatedly voting for the Franz Ferdinand drummer or a legion of confused teens?

    Hamilton all the way!

  14. Noteable exceptions… Alex Neilson (English but based in Scotland and played with so many great Scots) and Neil Woodside (of De Rosa)

  15. For sheer technical ability, power and experiance, it has to be Ted McKenna!. – Winner hands down!!!!! and as a rock drummer expert, I should know.

  16. Wado Hobdin… without a shadow of a doubt! .. No one comes close.. check out his Mukamba Zulu Poly – Parafiddle…

    Dem cum .. dem go.. but only him know.. Bombo!
    One Time..